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Can anyone create an account?
Yes anyone can create an account provided that they agree to Tibble’s Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.
Is it free to create an account?
Yes it is completely free. However, in order to keep Tibble free for everyone we have integrated some advertisements throughout the app. We appreciate your support in helping us keeping Tibble free for everyone.
What is a Badge?
A badge is a digital collectible provided by a business that is given to users in exchange of their visit in its place. It often represents the logo of the business and is kept as souvenir on your profile.
How to collect a Badge?
Visit a business registered on Tibble. Once you are in their location, start the process of Badge collection. It will ask you to take a picture of a Checkpoint. Take a picture as similar as possible to the one provided by the business. Our algorithm will process the picture you took and verify that you have visited the business.
What is a Checkpoint?
A Checkpoint represents something that is found in the business’s location and is unique to each business. It can take the shape of an object, a decoration, a logo, etc… Each business is free to decide what are their checkpoints. Any user willing to collect the badge of the business will have to take a picture of one of the business’s checkpoints.
How do I control my Privacy?
You can decide to put your profile Private or Public in the Settings of your account. A Private profile means that only users that you approved can view your profile and the Badges you collect. In the contrary, a Public profile means that all users can view your profile and follow you. For extra Privacy you can also select the visibility of each Badge you collect by choosing to keep it Private or Public. Private Badges are only visible to you on your profile while Public Badges are visible by other users.
How to put a Badge in Private?
You can either do it as soon as you collect the Badge by clicking on the lock icon. Or if the Badge has been posted already you can go to your profile, click on the Badge you want to put in private and click on the option of the Badge (3 dots on the right). It should ask you if you want to put your Badge in Private if it was previously Public.

Note that you will have to manually do this action to all Badges you want to change the privacy status.

I take a picture of a Checkpoint but I can’t collect the Badge
There could be 3 reasons:

  • Make sure you are still connected to the Internet
  • Make sure you are still in the location of the business. Going too far away could cancel the process
  • Try using the flash, in the dark some details might not appear correctly
  • Try verifying another Checkpoint of that Business (if available)

If you are still facing issues, ask the business to help you or write to us mentioning the problem faced, the name of the place and your username at [email protected] 

What does the friends’ map represent?
The friends’ map is a map where you can view the latest places your friends have visited. Basically, it is a representation on the map of what you can see in your home feed.
What does it do to Pin a place in a Chat?
Pinning a place in a Chat is similar to saving that place but it will only be saved in the Chat with another user. It is a bit like creating collaborative to-do list with your friends and make it easy for you to find those places again. However, please note that Pinned places will not appear in your list of Saved places.
How can I view all the places that are Pinned in a Chat?
You can view all the Pinned places in a Chat by clicking on the Pinned Icon on the top right of your Chat. There will be a list of all Pinned places that you or the other user Pinned.
How can I Unpin a place from a Chat?
Right now the only way to Unpin a place from a Chat is to do it manually in the Chat. Therefore, to Unpin a place you might have to scroll back in the Chat to when the place has been sent. However, you will find in our next update a way for you to Unpin places directly from your Pinned List.
What are Smiles?
Smiles are digital coins that can be earned by completing Challenges from businesses and that can be redeemed in exchanged of promotions in some businesses. Smiles do not have any monetary value.
How to redeem offers?
First of all, you need to have Smiles to redeem offers. Click on the offer that you want to use, make sure that you have enough Smiles to redeem it and ask a staff to enter their private code in your application. Once they entered their code, your unique code should appear which should be given to the staff. The business should then provide you with the agreed offer.
A business doesn’t want to redeem my offer
Please note that each business is able to set the rules and conditions of their offers. Tibble isn’t responsible for the validity of offers. However, if you believe that a business is not being honest, let us know at [email protected] and we will look into it. To avoid any disappointment, we advise you to always ask the business if the Tibble offers are valid before placing any order.
How to validate a Challenge
As of now, Challenges are automatically validated when you collect the Badge of the business. This means that if a Challenge says that you need to visit 3 times to get rewarded, then the Challenge will be considered completed after the 3rd time that you collect the Badge of that business. Please note that each Challenge has different conditions defined by each business. Some Challenges are only applicable on certain days or certain hours. Therefore, make sure to read the conditions of each Challenge before visiting.
I didn’t receive the Smiles when completing a Challenge
We are sorry to hear that, there might have been a mistake in the process. Write to us mentioning the problem faced, the name of the place, the Challenge completed along with the date & time of completion and your username at [email protected], we will get back to you very shortly.
One of my Badge disappeared
Unfortunately that can sometimes happen when a business account gets deleted or suspended. Sorry, right now there’s nothing we can do, currently we don’t have a way to bring back the Badges you lost but we are working on it.
How are my data used?
Your data are safe with us. Tibble do not share your personal data with anyone. However, we do process some of your data to enhance your experience by providing you with better suggestions and help businesses understand who are their customers by providing them with general anonymous information. You can find more details in our Privacy Policy.
Can I delete a Badge that I collected?
Yes you are able to delete any Badges you collected. To do so, you need to go on the desired badge and click on the settings of the badge (the 3 dots on the right). You will have the option to Edit the Badge, Put in Private/Public and Delete the Badge.

Deleting a Badge cannot be reversed so we suggest that you put it in private.

What does it mean to Hold a Badge?
When you collect a Badge you have the choice to either:

  • Edit it and Post it (add comments, pictures, tag friends…)
  • Post without editing it
  • Hold it. You will be able to keep the Badge “on hold” for a period of 1 hour after collecting it. Tibble will automatically post your Badge after 1 hour and let you normally use the app in the meantime. Unfortunately, as of now Badges put on Hold cannot be edited. Therefore, if you want to edit it you will have to do it after it’s been posted. Also please note that there is currently no way to stop the countdown once it has started.

Why to “hold” a Badge can be useful? Simply for privacy reasons: it is a good solution for users that don’t want their followers or other users to know the real moment of their visit.

How to report a User or a Business?
You can send us an email at [email protected] and mention the username of the user or business you want to report as well as with the reason. From there we will take appropriate actions.
I cannot access my Account
We are sorry to hear that. Your account might have been suspended for various reasons especially if you didn’t follow our Terms of Services. If you believe a mistake has been made you can reach out to us at [email protected] and we will assist you.
How do I delete my Account?
Oh no, you really want to quit Tibble? Too bad… To do so you need to access to your account, go to the Settings of your profile and click on “Delete my Account”. This action cannot be reversed and will result in the deletion of all your Badges and Smiles collected. Read our Privacy Policy for more information about what happens to your data when you delete your account.



How to create a Checkpoint?
A badge is a digital souvenir that users collect whenever visiting your business. It certifies their visit and is shared to their friends.
What is a Badge?
A badge is a digital souvenir that users collect whenever visiting your business. It certifies their visit and is shared to their friends.
What is a Checkpoint?
A badge is a digital souvenir that users collect whenever visiting your business. It certifies their visit and is shared to their friends.
What is a Challenge?
A badge is a digital souvenir that users collect whenever visiting your business. It certifies their visit and is shared to their friends.
How to redeem an Offer?
A badge is a digital souvenir that users collect whenever visiting your business. It certifies their visit and is shared to their friends.